If you were to fall in love with another member,who would it be?

  • Soohyun: I choose AJ.Although he is a bit obsessed with the girl,it's kind of good.
  • Hoon: For me,It's Kiseop too. Honestly,no It's Soohyun. He has a lot of money.
  • Kiseop: For me,It's Hoon. When he falls in love,he would only see me.
  • Aj: I would choose Kiseop. If he had a girlfriend,He would plan many touching events.
  • Eli: Mmm. Kevin. Kevin is really pure.I want to protect him,and give him my all.
  • Kevin: For me it would probably If Eli has a girlfriend,he would give her his all. If Eli gave me his love,I would fall in love with him.
  • Credit: Ukissmoments-Youtube.
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